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Website copywriting services for CMC Group’s five international websites

SHIFT Public Relations was appointed as CMC’s copywriting agency to work across its group of five global brands. It was asked to deliver website copywriting for five brands’ standalone websites, act as lead UK technical copywriter for the Belgium-based firm and reposition all five identities using accessible, non-technical language.

When it comes to all things copy related, SHIFT Public Relations is our go to copywriting firm. In fact, they now handle all our PR and marketing needs across five brands and several countries. They’re professional, responsive and never fail to deliver high quality copywriting and generate media coverage on our behalf.”

Graham Coats, Sales Director at CMC

SHIFT Public Relations is CMC's PR & copywriting agency
SHIFT Public Relations is ENERGAIR's PR & copywriting agency
SHIFT Public Relations is AIRMATICS' PR & copywriting agency
SHIFT Public Relations is CMC's PR and copywriting agency

The challenge:

As a global company specialising in air compressor control, performance and monitoring solutions, CMC had grown accustomed to using highly technical language that was no longer resonating with it target audience. This was exacerbated by the fact that the firm employs a team of world-class engineers for whom technical language is second nature.

The firm’s Sales Director engaged SHIFT Public Relations to reposition the group as more accessible and manage the web copywriting for five websites including: CMC, AIRMATICS, AIRMASTER, ENERGAIR and SCADAR. 

SHIFT Public Relations is CMC's public relations agency
PR and feature writing for CMC and its five global brands
SHIFT Public Relations is CMC's PR and copywriting agency

The results:

With two decades’ experience of writing copy for websites, SHIFT Public Relations developed the group’s brand language and established its tone of voice. After a series of interviews with the firm’s senior figures, it delivered five sets of fresh and accessible website copy for the group.

Whilst SHIFT Public Relations began as CMC’s website copywriter and still acts as the group’s copywriting agency, it was subsequently retained as the firm’s UK PR agency and now handles all PR and marketing activity for the five brands covering:

Press release writing and news creation

Case study creation

Article placement and ghostwriting services

Marketing campaign development

Social media management

The stats:

Delivered the copywriting for five global brands’ websites

Secured international PR coverage for the group

Written, pitched and placed opinion articles in a selection of target media

Launched AIRMATICS – CMC’s latest brand

Written and produced CMC’s case studies