Raising the profile of a premium food producer

We were tasked to raise the profile of John Ross amongst a consumer audience and further associate the brand with luxury food and industry excellence. We were also tasked with positioning John Ross as ‘owning’ the luxury smoked salmon market

Until we engaged SHIFT Public Relations we had never worked with a PR agency. I now wish that I had used PR much earlier on as our time with the agency has proven that there is nothing as powerful as editorial coverage when it comes to increasing brand awareness and generating sales. I’ve advertised and invested in expensive marketing campaigns but nothing has generated as much success as what SHIFT Public Relations has helped us to achieve.” 

Christopher Leigh, CEO of John Ross

The challenge:

As a Royal Warrant holder and one of the last remaining smokehouses to use traditional red brick kilns, John Ross has built an enviable reputation for producing a premium product using time-honoured methods. However, since the business began in 1987, its strong reputation has been built within the food service industry.

SHIFT Public Relations needed to develop John Ross’s presence amongst a consumer audience following its partnership with premium retail stores and the launch of its mail order business.

The results:

Using the Christmas period as a platform for a consumer campaign, SHIFT Public Relations secured blanket coverage in the key national consumer and newspaper titles including Olive, Delicious, Great British Food, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph. 

Online mail order sales increased by 22 per cent during January – March and have continued to steadily increase throughout the year.

The stats:

Reached almost 11 million through John Ross PR coverage generation 

Generated £500,000 worth of advertising space across 98 pieces of national coverage

Created and developed relationships between national journalists and the smokehouse

Increased sales of the mail order division 

Increased brand awareness amongst a consumer audience